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Application Process

An application for Teacher Registration and Licensing passes through several stages from the time of application to the time of approval. These stages are listed below.

  1. New Application: The applicant clicks the “Apply Now” button below then completes their application and uploads the required files before submitting their application. The applicant will be notified via email upon successful submission of their application.
  2. Vetting: MESC’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Review Division (MERD) will then check the applicant’s submitted application if all details have been completed correctly and that the correct files have been uploaded in the respective sections. If MERD is satisfied with the application, they will add it to an Assessment Bundle which will be submitted together with other accepted applications for assessment by the Samoa Teachers Council Assessment Committee.
  3. Assessment: Once the assessment bundle is ready, MERD will submit it to the Samoa Teachers Council Assessment Committee for assessment. Each application in the assessment bundle will be assesed and a recommendation from the assessment committee will be provided. The assessment committee can either recommend an application for “Full Registration”, recommend an application for “Temporary Registration” or “Not Recommend” an application.
  4. Decision: Once all the applications in the assessment bundle have been assessed, the assessment committee prepares an assessment report which is presented to the Samoa Teachers Council monthly meeting for their final decision (i.e. Approved or Not Approved). If the assessment report is approved, all applicants will be notified via email of the application results. All applicants who have been approved for “Full Registration” and “Temporary Registration” will be asked to come in to the office to make their payment at the MESC cashier.
  5. Certificate & Licence: After payment, applicant will be asked to see MERD to take their photo and record their signature before their certificate and licence are printed.
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