Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture

Matāgaluega o Ā’oga, Taaloga ma Aganu’u



What You Need


Please ensure you have the following information before applying:

  • Employment Number (for registered teachers)
  • Driver's Licence Number (if you have one)
  • Active Personal Email Address (so you can be notified on the progress of your application)
  • Employment History


Please ensure you have digital/electronic copies of the following before applying:

  • Current Teacher Registration Certificate & Teaching Licence from Overseas (if you have one)
  • Certified Qualifications
  • Certified Birth Certificate (for Samoan citizens)
  • Certified & Valid Driver's Licence (for Samoan citizens)
  • Certified Passport Information Page (for non-Samoan citizens)
  • A recent Police Report dated within 3 months from the time of the application.


Please ensure the following forms are downloaded, printed, completed and signed before converting them back into digital/electronic format (e.g. scanning):

Download Proof of Teaching Experience Form Download Character Reference Template Download Statement of Consent Form
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