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Who Can Apply?

You can apply for teacher registration under these categories; full or temporary registration:

Categories of Registration

1. Full Registration
A person is qualified for full registration if;

  • the person holds any of the qualifications prescribed by the Teachers Act 2016 from a tertiary institution recognised in Samoa.
  • this person must, in the last 10 years from date of application, have at least two (2) years teaching experience in a school or tertiary institution recognized in Samoa.
  • resuming employment in a school, returning to teaching after a career break or a new teacher in Samoa and have not registered as a teacher with the Samoa Teachers Council.
  • a Principal/Vice Principal or ECE Principal

2. Temporary Registration
A person who is qualified for temporary registration may be granted to;

  • a Graduate Teacher with less than 2 years of teaching experience;
  • a Volunteer Teacher;
  • an Overseas Teacher teaching in Samoa for up to 2 years;
  • a Part-time Teacher or Relieving Teacher;
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